Welcome to the most advanced dream training system on the planet. Learn to program your dreams using source-material like video games, movies, TV shows, or anything you desire using active dream programming. We are a Dream Art School that teaches you to paint the canvas of your mind with your thoughts and experiences for awesome dream adventures!

Take the 7-Day Dreaming for Gamers dream challenge! Pick your favorite Video Game, Movie, TV show or any source-material and see if you can have an interactive replay in the form of a dream in just under 7 days. So far 22 people have had success, click the banner below for the most amazing dream training system ever invented.

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Save big on bundles! Best savings with all courses is the 8-pack bundle for 2 months or 56 days of foundational dream training for only $249.99 save $150.00

The Science

Research on the effects of video games and dreams 2001 with the Tetris Effect and 2008 with Jayne Isabel Gackenbach and Beena Kuruvilla…

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The Techniques

External influences affect dream content so immersion into video games naturally cross over into our dream content…

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The Results

Examples of dreams influenced by video games and other entertainment sources…

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Master the Art of Dreaming

Everyone dreams. Dogs, cats, horses and people dreams. Sleep research shows on average people have 3-5 dreams each night. People to train themselves to dream and participate in their 3-5 dreams can control, program and even become fully self-aware and conscious during sleep.

At Dreaming for Gamers we take scientifically tested techniques for dreaming and turn our dreams into what they are meant to be: Natures Perfected Virtual Reality Simulator and night-time Entertainment system.

Dreaming is a skill like playing the piano. If you don’t know-how, you often dream at the wildness of your subconscious mind. When you know how to dream, you are at the mercy of your imagination and the limits you impose on yourself during sleep. Using video games and VR is a fun way to program and control your dream content. It’s easy, safe and absolutely fun!


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