A Star Wars Lucid Dream from 1998

Truncated from the following journal entry to get to the good stuff.

Sitting in the truck, I start to think about what would be the most fun,
adventurous thing I could experience at this moment.  Being a big fan of
Star Wars, I always wanted to fly an X-Wing fighter and take on the Death
Star.  I look at the dash and it soon forms a cockpit.  The truck molds
into an x-wing and I am in space flying at top speeds into a wave of
Tie-Fighters.  There is laser fire everywhere and I am adjusting my
        “This is great!  Perfect match!”, I remarked as I looked at a reflection
of myself.  I looked exactly like Luke Skywalker and had a helmet on, with
the orange and white spacesuit.  I have a targeting computer and dive into
battle.  I open fire on a Tie-Fighter and it blows up in a blaze of glory.
There are laser blasts hitting my ship and the ship rocks.  I dive towards
the Death Star and flew into the trench where the exhaust pipe should be
located.  I saw the target and fired my torpedoes.  It was flawless of
course, and I pulled out of the Death Star.  As the Death Star blew up, I
was somehow caught in the blast and everything started to decay.
There were familiar patterns of yellow and white clouds and I started to
recall how many Star Wars type dreams I have had.  The memory patterns went
way back into my childhood.  And I could feel the excitement and joy I had
as a child as I played this sort of game in the dream state.  I noted that I
was observing childhood dream memories that I had forgotten over time and
thought that was a treasure in itself.  I soon woke up and raced to my
computer to write it all down.

I’ve often said in videos and with people that it was my passion for Star Wars that produced my first experience with Genre Specific Lucid Dreams. The research on the effects of Video Games wasn’t even studied until 2002 and this dream is from 1998. Having lucid dreaming since 1986, it was the thrill of being able to dream in different genres that has kept me lucid dreaming for the last 32 years.

December 18, 2019

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