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Dreaming is something we all do. It is a safe, natural direct experience that with some practice and skill, can be a very rewarding experience for active dream participants. Most people suffer from stunted dream development and our website focuses on neuroscience and cognitive development, and treatment to rehabilitate cognitive atrophy that inhibits quality dreaming. Everyone has 3-5 dreams each night, it is their choice to participate in them or not.

Our Story

At the age of 8, I noticed waking life influences from pop-culture ranging from movies like Star Wars, TV shows and Cartoons were replaying in an interactive dream. Although I didn’t know the science of long-term memory consolidation and dreaming, the self-evident nature of wanting to dream based on these influences fueled my interest in learning how to dream.

At the age of 15, I stumbled upon an article written by Dr. Stephen LaBerge entitled, “Power Trips: Controlling Your Dreams” where he introduced the idea that a person could have self-awareness during a dream and control the dream content.

With in 48 hours of reading the article, I would have my first self-aware dream and LaBerge was correct. I could control it. The dream was so fun and liberating taking the dream experience to levels I never thought possible. This new way to dream shaped my own pursuit of the science, art and development of the dreaming mind as a nightly practice. Starting in 1987, for over 33 years I have enjoyed a rich self-aware dream life nearly every night.

This desire to participate in my own dreams has allowed me to dream anything I desire as real as waking life and quite often better as I train in BTL or Better-Than-Life dreaming. Treating dreams as an art-form and an entertainment system is the right attitude if you want to have fun dreams. Why not? We are all born with this gift but very few learn how to use it. 40 years later, 4 books and a member of the International Association for the Study of Dreams. All that remains is to teach as I have dreamed it all.

Member of the International Association for the Study of Dreams

Meet the Creator

Ian Wilson has been recognized as a pioneer in the field of Lucid Dreaming by some of the leading researchers on dream exploration. He has freely contributed articles, books, papers to the dreaming community since 1995 and has helped hundreds of people become better dreamers. As an artist, software engineer and avid lucid dreaming spanning 33 years he has everything to offer with regards to teaching this skill.

Ian A. Wilson


So you want to learn how to have fun dreams? I share your passion, let’s learn this skill together and reap the limitless benefits of dreaming how we want, what we want as masters in the Art of Dreaming..

Also an Artist

Not only do I treat my dreams like an art form, but I am also an artist. The synergy between dreams and art is another reason why I am so passionate about dreaming. For me, dreams are the best form of Art and have influenced my waking life art skills and imagination.

YouTube Channel

Lots of videos on dreams, and dream journal entry vlogs to watch and learn from. People who watch my videos comment that they have helped them with their dreams. Check out the youtube channel and subscribe!

“If you’re looking for a talented explorer of consciousness with lots of experience, Ian Wilson has it. Two decades of lucid dreaming to draw upon coupled with insights and ideas makes for entertaining interviews. Check out the podcasts, and see for yourself.”

— Robert Waggoner, author of the acclaimed book, “Lucid Dreaming – Gateway to the Inner Self” and co-author of the award winning, “Lucid Dreaming Plain and Simple.”

“To boldly go where no man has gone before. That’s the Star Trek motto, and for lucid dreamers it rings true, except their universe is inside of them. An entire galaxy or even universe is inside of everyone, and if you want to explore that realm you need a captain to lead the ship. That makes Ian Wilson our Captain Kirk. He’s a master of navigating the lucid dream, and for anyone that wants to go there, I suggest that you allow Ian to be your captain, too.”

— J.M DeBord, author of “The Dream Interpretation Dictionary: Symbols, Signs, and Meanings” and Dreams 1-2-3: Remember, Interpret, and Live Your Dreams

“Ian Wilson is a true visionary, figuratively and literally. A riveting storyteller, Ian’s decades of lucid dreaming experience have yielded countless mind-blowing anecdotes that should be experienced by anyone with a serious interest in the topic. Ian’s commitment to the scientific method and rigorous research have led him to perform dream experiments that intersect with waking consciousness in astounding ways. Meticulously documenting his dream exploits in language that is wonderfully evocative, yet blessedly down-to-earth, Ian additionally excels in the “how-to” realm: providing expert guidance and easy to follow tips for novices to induce lucid dreaming, and sage advice on how to break through remaining barriers for more experienced dreamers. If you have the opportunity to attend a workshop captained by this Starship Dreamer, by all means, beam up!”

— Richard Long, bestselling author of “The Book of Paul”

“Ian is the most ardent student of lucid dreaming I have met, and we are fortunate that we have access to his work. He’s gone beyond the work of Moss and Laberge in my opinion.”

— Mike Marable, Author of “Why Am I Here: A Handbook For The Human Experience”

“Ian Wilson has spent more than 30 years in the Art of Dreaming which includes his amazing ability to Lucid Dream in detail, and share his Dreaming with Others. In my opinion, as a master dreamer in the realm of Lucid Dreams, Ian Wilson is also a master dreamer.”

— Kathleen (Kat) O’Keefe-Kanavos
3-Time Breast Cancer Survivor Whose Dreams Diagnosed her Cancer
Co-Author- “Dreams That Can Save Your Life: Early Warning Signs of Cancer and Other Diseases”
written with Duke University Medical Radiologist and Dream Expert Dr. Larry Burk

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