Becoming a Female Rogue Half-Elf Space Pirate from 1999

I create myself a female rouge fighter on a large space-bound
vessel. It’s another campaign much like GURPS. My character is a half-elf
that looks hot with nice red hair, slim frame, 5′ 6″. And the voice was
the whole reason I created her, it’s soft, cute and whiney tones
accompanied by the rough rogue attitude made her an attractive and fun
character to be.
We start docked at a large space station and rumors are that in this area
there are a lot of rogue bandits targeting freighters and convoy ships.
There is a hefty bounty in this region for bounty hunters to take out these bandits. There is very little law and order in this section of the galaxy
which makes it a prime area for adventurers and the like.
We leave the space station and start to head towards a lifeless planet.
“Cyania, sensors are picking up some unknown vessels which ships aren’t responding to the USIC. (Universal Ship Identification Code).”, speaks my
ship’s captain, a brutish, fat, ugly man with a black patch over one eye, a
large blaster pistol at his side, and black leather clothing.
“I’m on it, those bandits won’t stand a chance when I get a piece of
em’!”, I remark. My radar picks up two red dots on the console. I try to figure out the controls, I have a fighter stick with a few firing buttons.
The ship auto-targets the ships for me. I take out ship into combat range and open fire on one of the ships with these guns. They aren’t laser guns or anything special, just standard auto-cannons. The hot metal looks red on the ship’s radar and streams into the other ship. The hits cause red sparks and flashes to spark up on the visual screen showing the hits. It
looks very real.
The bandit’s kind of had the edge on us this time because they opened fire with energy weapons and missiles. Before I could react, it was too late, I
should not have charged them rather taken them out with missiles. Our ship is badly hit, the captain screams, “You dumb bitch! Where the hell did you learn to fly? You’re getting us all killed!”
“Shut up you fat as looser! This is my shipů”, is about all I get to bad mouth back before we explode. Instantly I reload the game right before the battle and decide another tactic. This time, I target the bandits with our image-guided missiles. Plus I know that there is a third ship now that
took us out from behind so the initial challenge level had dropped.
The first missile is a direct hit and it blows the bandit ship into pieces. The explosion is more like an implosion, the fireball is within a second and the debris hits the other ship. “You’re not going to get off that easy! I have another missile with your name on it!”, I say as I target the
next ship and launch the missile.
The missile streaks towards the craft and it explodes. I hit the
thrusters and do a quick 180 degree turn to ready my ship for the next
bandit. The turn was pretty quick and my captain who was not strapped to
his chair like an idiot goes flying out and lands against the side of the
My computer auto-locks the bandit, but we are hit by one of his missiles and the ship is taking some damage from his laser fire. We have no shields so it’s all direct damage to the armor. “It’s getting a little hot in here, how about I cool it down with some old fashion one-on-one!”
Streaks of red cannon fire hit the attacking bandit who is turning around to flee the battle. I am in hot pursuit and he is moving side to side, up and down, and around small asteroids to dodge me. My cannon fire is hitting his engines and slowly a few of them go out. The ship is obviously crippled and now rolling in space, I fly our huge ship over top of it and finish him off with a missile.
“Here’s one for your momma!”, and I open fire!
My captain is kind of pissed off at the whole wild maneuvers I was doing,
but screw him, I’m a badass rogue bitch and proud of it. I leave my post and tell him that I an grabbing some food. I head down the hall of the ship into an elevator and move down a few levels to a bar-style room.
There are a few alien creatures there, for obvious entertainment purposes.
They are called Ugroms, and they look kind of like a cartoon owl without a
beak, rather a more monkey shaped mouth, but definitely large cartoon eyes and brown and white fur. They are terribly cute and adorable. I want to blast one of them with my pistol.
“Don’t drink my pop! It’s the only one in the fridge!”, complains one of the Ugroms.
“I’ll drink whatever I want you dirty little mogwai looking puke!”, I grab his pop and shake it. I then open it in his face spraying the pop all over him. He cries and runs from the room.
“That’ll learn you, you sniveling little sod!”, I growl in a very funny
sounding half-elfish female voice.
I kick back at the bar, throw my feet up and drink the pop. A few moments later a female character enters the room. “Cyania, one of the Ugroms said
you were bullying It around.”
“What, that lying little pig! Where is he? Let me stick my blaster up his ass! Then talk to me about bullying!”, I complain with a dark evil stare at this other character. I get the impression she is the ship’s councilor.
“You really seem to have some rather hot-headed issues now don’t you
Cyana.”, she says in a cold tone.
I stand up from the bar, I am smaller than her, by about a half-a-foot.
I walk around her and check out her body, “Well, at least I am not an over-weight cow that has no sense of fashion, and thinks she’s high and mighty when it comes to the other crew members. I’m out of here you dumb bitch!”, I scorn as I pull out my pistol and go looking for that Ugrom.
“I am going to go have a chat with my little friend!”, I smile as I bounce
out of the room.

Full Dream:
Timestamped 1999 Version:

Simulate a GURPs style RPG and play a female character – check. When I say I turn my subconscious mind into the GM and role-play in my dreams, I am not kidding. I’ve been at this style of dreaming since I was a kid. And as you can read, it is fun, artistic, imaginative and everything dreaming should be. Nature’s perfected virtual reality simulator and an Entertainment System. Don’t you think it’s time to start training to dream if you haven’t already? This is what turning it into a skill produces, endless adventure every night you sleep.

December 18, 2019

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