Becoming the GM in a dream and creating a D&D adventure! 2016

Unlike pen-and-paper D&D as an example, the entire dream world changed to a tavern and my friends now became genre specific player characters. One of the women became an elf with blond hair and classic green leather armour, bow. Another person became a wizard. It was like being in one of the Lord of the Ring movies with how crisp the detail was.

The tavern looked great, hand crafted wooden beams. A wench with some medieval dress serving pints of ale in steel ornate sterns. When my friends suddenly realized that the dream had changed and they had literally become participants in an actual simulated virtual reality version of one of their favourite RPG genres they were totally stoked. The one friend who became the wizard was just blown away, emotionally floored at this change and loved it. I didn’t have any form, rather I was able to construct the dream world for the characters based on this role-playing genre and create encounters etc.

I could come through as a voice that they could hear. I told them, “Why reminisce about how fun it could be, when you can live such adventure in your dreams.” And they were simply over-joyed and got into the game immediately, ordering drinks, laughing and having fun. I had to start the story so made this ranger dramatically enter the tavern, blowing the door open with his blade drawn seeking adventurers to help him fight against a menacing evil that had awakened deep within a dungeon.

Of course they spring into heroic action and take up the charge against evil with this ranger, who took them too, but did not enter the dungeon. Ironically it was literally a block away from the tavern, how convenient.

It was really fun, and I loved how effortlessly my thoughts could shape and construct this dream world. The realism is what really impressed me. And to do it was as effortless as breathing. The dungeon crawl started and they had lit torches. The dungeon looked really great too, with torches lit it created this really nice ambience and I could see large rock walls and various spider webs, slimes and bones on the floor. The wizard had wandered into a room to investigate, and I created the first encounter. The floor had black ooze which he ended up stepping in. But it was actually a monster and for comical effect kind the ooze became like Bob from Monsters Vs. Aliens and role-played with the characters. Instead of blue it was black, but had the cartoon googly eyes and when it talked the mouth had tar streaks but was also very small, probably about 4 inches tall.

It was telling the Wizard that he shouldn’t be there, that the dungeon was dangerous and that he’ll wake up the master who would be very angry that they were in his home. They bantered with the ooze for information but then the wizard character clicked out of the dream and I couldn’t find him which caused my focus to shift and the dream reverted back to the coffee shop.
Full Dream:

December 19, 2019

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