Take the 7 day Dreaming For Gamers Dream Challenge! Can you learn to dream in any Video Game, Movie, RPG or source material of you choice in just seven days? The challenge is completely free, it works and it makes dreaming FUN!

A great adventure awaits those who dare run the seven-day gauntlet of intense dream training.  What you need, 15-30 minutes of immersion into your favorite video game, movie, tv show, RPG, comic book or any source material of your choosing.  Does it work?  17 people have already dreamed in their source material.  We have our first vlogging challenger follow progress here.  Here’s a Student Appreciation video worth watching: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ynJDa_jkzmc or Read the reviews below or check the testimony page.  Join our Discord server and speak with students. Is it backed by science?  Here is a link to the science page with research studies on the influence of video games and our dream content.  Will this course work on Mobile Phones?  Yes but the Start Course button is after the review section just scroll up a bit there is a blue icon with a basket that will short cut mobile users to the Start Course.   You will not only start to have interactive dream replays of your source material but will improve your dream recall and memory and will now have a dream plan for active dream programming.  I.E… the fun way to dream.

If you succeed, you will be in an interactive 3D sensory-replay of your source material because we tricked the subconscious mind into storing this information payload as part of your natural long-term memory consolidation using the dreaming mind’s episodic, semantic, spatial and sensory replay known as dreaming.  Is it safe?  Everyone has 3-5 dreams each night.  Some Birds dream, all mammals dream.  Dreaming is a natural part of our cognitive development and an important part that is often overlooked.  If you have nightmares and experience fear replay it is recommended not to use scary source material and pick fun, colorful, pleasant things you want to dream about and this method can also help lessen nightmares because you are now programming your dreams based on the source material you want to dream in.

Fear is the only barrier that some people face when dreaming other than that, there are no consequences.  What happens in dreamland, stays in dreamland.  Dreams are just a memory replay in a high-fidelity 3D interface between your waking mind and subconscious database of your accumulated life experiences and memories.  Think of dreams as the holodeck of your mind.  You just run a program, interact in it and eventually, you wake up like you have every day of your life since you were born.  Dreaming is like Dr. Strange’s Mirror Dimension, you cannot hurt imaginary simulated dream characters and they cannot hurt you.  The real world has all the consequences.  Get hit by a bus here and you might die, get hit in a bus in a dream you just wake up.  You can’t catch COVID in a dream, and no need to social distance.  You are going to dream anyway, so may as well make them fun and entertaining using a source material that you want to experience.  You pick the source, this challenge just provides knowledge and skills to help fine-tune the dream artist in you.

How to Take this Challenge!

  • Pick your source material, and immerse in it to have some memory payload for your subconscious mind to spit back at you in the form of a dream.
  • Follow the simple dream plan to orientate yourself to participate and remember your dreams.
  • If you are a blogger or video blogger keep a day-to-day account of your progress and success.
  • After you wake up come back to this course and submit your results then proceed to the next unit.
  • You have seven days, seven assignments and seven opportunities to learn something about dreaming through neuroscience.
  • At the end of the course on your final submission share your results and we will feature the best of the best.
  • But be warned, pick something that doesn’t induce fear if you don’t want to have a nightmare, make the source material fun, adventurous, and something you would love to simply interact in as a dream.

How to use this course?

You must have a minimum of a free account to use this course. Free membership for this website is intended only for this free course. This is a Dream Art school and if you want instructor feedback a $9.99 enrollment fee is required or just go it alone.

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  • You must be logged in with the minimum free membership account.
  • Click on the Start Course button.
  • This opens up the Course Manager and starts your course work-flow.
  • Read about dream science because it’s fun or skip to your assignment to begin your dream training.
  • You can always navigate to the next unit in the left index by clicking on it.
  • If you encounter any problems please use the contact us to submit a trouble ticket and we will help to resolve the issue.



Course Curriculum

Dream Memory and Recall
[DMRU01] The Benefits of Dreaming 1 year
[DMRA01] First Dream Assignment 365, 00:00
[DMRU02] The Science of Dream Memory and Recall 1 year
[DMRA02] The Second Dream Training Exercise 365, 00:00
Learning about Cognitive Atrophy
[DMRU03] Cognitive Atrophy 1 year
[DMRA03] The Third Dream Training Exercise 7, 00:00
[DRMU04] Amnesia and Dreams 00:00:00
[DMRA04] The Fourth Dream Training Exercise 7, 00:00
[DMRU05] Psychological Inhibitors with Dream Recall and Memory 1 year
[DMRA05] The Fifth Dream Training Exercise 365, 00:00
Rehabilitating Cognitive Atrophy with Dream Recall
[DMRU06] Rehabilitating the Dreaming Mind 1 year
[DMRA06] The Sixth Dream Training Exercise 365, 00:00
[DMRU07] Techniques to Improve Dream Memory 1 year
[DMRA07] The Seventh Dream Training Exercise 365, 00:00
Improve Dream Recall Quiz 7 days

Course Reviews


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  1. Great Help So Far


    I’ve completed the first two courses and I’ve seen instant success. I recalled one dream on the first night, and four on the second night.
    I really appreciate reading the science behind what we are doing and how that impacts us. Each lesson also helps to set goals and keep moving forward. If you have questions, the team gets back to you fast and helps immediately. It was great customer service. I would recommend this course for anyone curious about remembering their dreams. You can do it!

    Update: I just finished the course and I’ve also been able to add source material to my dreams. Pretty awesome being able to improve recall and introduce source material. If your curious, I say give it a try, you won’t be disappointed.

  2. Success!


    I am so pleased with this course! Within the first week, I was able to recall dreams every night and have some of the dream images I intended, to show up. The instructor is very knowledgeable and generous with his feedback. My questions and concerns were answered and resolved quickly. I finally found a great teacher that can show me how to bring my dreams to new levels in an easy to understand way. I am excited for the many potentials the work will bring. These courses are valuable and I recommend them to anyone who wants to remember their dreams and add a fun and adventurous new dimension to their lives!

  3. 5

    As an enthusiastic dreamer i absolutely love my dream life, i reached a really dry patch in my dream recall so i decided to try this course. By the second day i had recall again and by the 7th day the source content with my intention was visible and interactive and i was recalling 3 dreams at night. Understanding the science behind dream recall makes an enormous difference. One particular thing i noticed in my well being as a dreamer is i feel well balanced. I am indeed pleased i tried this course and i would encourage others to try it at a drop of a hat.

  4. It worked!


    I thought this was a joke.. The support guy answered my questions, didn’t care if I took the free course and had an attitude like don’t like it? your problem get lost. Well, the information was interesting and by the fourth day I had a short dream in my source material, Rage 2 and OMG it was BETTER than virtual reality, it was TRUE virtual reality then I got shocked and woke up. How did I neglect my dreams for solong? Try this course… try this amazing course! This is like Xaviers School for the Gifted! Dr. Strange even but real! Can’t describe the awesome!

  5. This is just amazing!


    I couldn’t be happier with the results that I got, I usually remembered 1-3 dreams per week, after this course I’m up to at least 1 per night, and mostly 2-3. I could see that my source material slowly integrated into my dreams, and by the last day I achieved a lucid dream where I teleported to the game world that I was training for. The game was “The outer worlds”, and it had all the visuals elements of the game rendered in front of my eyes, I even got to shoot my gun before the dream ended. This was just a teaser of what’s waiting deeper in the courses. Can’t wait!

  6. Excellent Course for Building Solid Dream Foundations - For Beginners and Dream Enthusiasts Alike


    I found this an excellent course for building solid disciplined structured routine to support my previously decaying dreaming practice.

    For me, by design, any small in dream interplay with my chosen source material could be taken as confirmation of the course being effective. This because I chose a game with cartoon like graphics as my source material, and I don’t normally dream in cartoon.

    I knew on the first day of starting the free course I wanted to sign up for the others. Which I’m progressing to and can’t wait!

    Echoing the vibe of other students. The course instruction is very knowledgeable and helpful.

    I’d like to thank him personally for answering some of my additional questions that lead from the daily assignments. As well for being attentive and providing feedback to some dream adjacent rants.


  7. Would recommend.


    I had very positive results, especially considering the very forgiving amount of time and effort that the course requires (not to mention the price tag). Would def recommend.

  8. A great way to start dreaming


    This is a great introductory course that helps to build solid dreamwork foundations in a fun way! In the 7 days I’ve had 2 successful incorporations of my incubation material into my dreams, and my dream recall also got better. The lessons are interesting, fully backed by science, and Ian (the instructor) is very knowledgeble and always available to shed some more light on the topic, give advice etc. Definitely a good experience for me!

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