Load up on Core Dreaming Techniques to optimize your dream plan and dream routine for effective result-orientated dreaming.

In this course we take everything we’ve learned in the three neurological courses that address cognitive development and atrophy in the dreaming mind, and the psychological aspects of dreaming to fine-tune the dream plan and dream routine to fit individual specifications with well studied and known techniques in every professional dreamers toolkit.

This course is part of progressive dreaming meant to let you custom tailor every aspect of your dream plan and dream routine so that it’s entirely your methodology for optimal dreaming and will give you the tools to add and remove what works and doesn’t work in your dream routine.  Our main mission with this website is result-orientated dreaming and this course further reflects how specialized and individualized dreaming can be for the entire bell-curve of individual dreamers.


Course Curriculum

Core Dreaming Techniques
[CDTU01] Progressive Dreaming Techniques 00:00:00
[CDTU02] From Outside the Dream 00:00:00
[CDTA01] The First Core Dreaming Techniques Assignment 999, 00:00
[CDTA02] The Second Core Dreaming Techniques Assignment 999, 00:00
Modular Dreaming
[CDTU03] While Inside the Dream 00:00:00
[CDTA03] The Third Core Dreaming Techniques Assignment 999, 00:00
[CDTU04] Napping or Wake-back-to-bed 00:00:00
[CDTA04] The Fourth Core Dreaming Techniques Assignment 999, 00:00
Optimized Dreaming
[CDTU05] Forced Relaxation into Sleep 00:00:00
[CDTA05] The Fifth Core Dreaming Techniques Assignment 365, 00:00
[CDTU06] Stop and Drop 00:00:00
[CDTA06] The Sixth Core Dreaming Techniques Assignment 999, 00:00
[CDTU07] Building Better Techniques 00:00:00
[CDTA07] The Seventh Core Dreaming Techniques Assignment 999, 00:00

Course Reviews


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  1. Core Dreaming Techniques Successfully Attained!


    Experimenting with Core Dream Techniques is admittingly a challenging experience but what works for some may not work as well for others, so it is an important part of the process. Not only are you dealing with the actual techniques but you get to plan and optimize your daily dream routine which creates real positive changes in the ways in which your intents are set, and you become the artist of your dreams. I saw an increase in the number of dreams i remembered as well as the amount of artwork and imaginary i created. Ultimately, i found WBTB the most beneficial.

  2. Individualized dream plan created.


    This was a great course to re-evaluate and fine tune all I have learned to this point. I was able to work through and customize my very own dream plan, using all the techniques and tools that work best for me while identifying and eliminating the ones that did not work as well. Great tips and instruction to get the most effective result-orientated dreaming. Although it takes lots of practice and patience, I am really pleased with all I have learned to successfully set me up for a more satisfying dream life.

  3. Really enjoyed the course


    I liked the course, you have to go through the other beginner courses before diving into this one though, because you will use what you have learned and practiced to start shaping your own ultimate dream routine. I wouldn’t necessarily say that it’s easy, when you are new to this, there is so much things that can work and don’t work when first starting out. Don’t expect to have a foolproof system when done here, instead expect to have a bigger understanding of how you can work with different approaches to build a better routine over time. Life always throws us in unexpected directions and a nearly perfect routine can easily get unstable. But with the help of a course like this one, you can always be ready to change a few things up.

  4. Learned Some Great Stuff!


    A good review of the fundamentals. I was super stoked to learning about the military technique of falling asleep quickly. I’m looking forward to mastering it. Great course that brought things together for me!

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