Improve how self-aware you are in dreams from semi-conscious to fully conscious.

Awareness is something that changes when it comes to dreaming from unconscious, semi-conscious and fully conscious.  This is the part of cognitive function where we have self-identiy and know we exist.  Becoming self-aware in a dream is often described as Lucid Dreaming however I prefere to call it consciousness during sleep as we do go through many altered-states of consciousness in the dreaming process.

In this Course we will address:

    • Cognitive Atrophy and Awareness
    • Becoming Self-aware during sleep
    • Logic, reason and intellect in Dreams
    • Stabilizing Self-Awareness
    • The science behind being self-aware during a dream


Course Curriculum

Improving Dream Awareness
[DAU01] Cognitive Atrophy and Awareness in Dreams 00:00:00
[DAA01] The First Awareness Dream Training Exercise   10, 00:00
[DAU02] Becoming Self-Aware during Sleep 00:00:00
[DAA02] The Second Awareness Dream Training Exercise   10, 00:00
Improving Logic, Reason and Intelligence
[DAU03] Logic, Reason and Intellect in Dreams 00:00:00
[DAA03] The Third Awareness Dream Training Exercise 10, 00:00
[DAU04] Challenging the Logical Mind 00:00:00
[DAA04] The Fourth Awareness Dream Training Exercise 10, 00:00
Stabilizing Awareness
[DAU05] Stabilizing Self-Awareness 00:00:00
[DAA05] The Fifth Awareness Dream Training Exercise   10, 00:00
[DAU06] Pulling Intentions Forward 00:00:00
[DAA06] The Sixth Awareness Dream Training Exercise 10, 00:00
[DAU07] Putting it all together 00:00:00
[DAA07] The Seventh Awareness Dream Training Exercise   10, 00:00

Course Reviews


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  1. Dream Awareness Attained!


    The Dream Awareness Course allowed me to attain full awareness otherwise know as lucid dreaming. I had wonderful adventures with my source content with clear recall as well and full body sensory feedback. Training the dream mind out of atrophy influencing your own dreams with desired content, the limits are simply unlimited.
    I highly recommend trying this course!

  2. Another awesome course


    The Dream Awareness Course is really helpful whether you are an experienced or new dreamer. The daily exercises are a great way to help build a stable foundation for awareness in dreams. I was able to have a fully self aware/lucid dream within the first few days of the course and feel confident this will increase over time. Being self aware and having choice in my dreams is exciting and incredibly empowering as well. Well worth it as are all the courses on this site!

  3. Patience Required


    Like all things awareness. Patience and focus are required on this course. This is why I’ll like to re-run the course.

    Plenty of good content again. More building blocks to becoming a proficient dreamer.

    When the student does get there, this course offers big results.

  4. Thank you!


    I really enjoyed this course, and by following the natural progression from the first 2 courses, this is the icing of the cake. I often recall 3-5 dreams per night, and with the help of this course lucidity is pretty much always around the corner, it’s just a matter of time before it kicks in more often. Consistency is key here, some nights you just don’t feel like standing at your bed and setting intentions for the night, you just want to sleep. But I’ve done it anyway and I’m now reaping the rewards. Dream recall did skyrocket and a few lucid moments and many semi lucid dreams as well. I’m super happy and looking forward to more awesome dream awareness. I highly recommend this course in conjunction with the first 2 courses.

    Again, thank you for your hard work with these courses, your passion for the subject really does reflect in your work here, I just wished it was available in this format years ago 🙂

  5. Another Great Course For Improving Dreaming


    I’m still new to this but I became aware in two dreams during this course so what I’m learning is working. I don’t have much else to say at this point, but I appreciate the attention to detail in this course, I can tell this is going to lead to BTRL dreams! Thanks!

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  • 365 Days
  • Course Certificate


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