Improve sensory perception in dreams: vision, hearing, touch, taste and smell.

If you thought bringing dream memory out of atrophy improved your dreams, this next Course fine-tunes sensory perception addressing all the atrophic regions of dream perception ranging from taste, smell, touch, hearing and sight. Like the first course, we work on stimulating these regions. A method I developed back in 1998 when I noticed I couldn’t read or taste in dreams called Cognitive Mapping.

What this course offers:

  • Improve Dream Fidelity and Realism
  • Improve visual clarity and details
  • Improve audible quality
  • Improve tactile feedback
  • Improve or adds the ability to taste foods and drink
  • Improve or adds the ability to smell

Like any atrophic region of the dreaming mind, it takes time to train and develop each region. Only you will know what regions are most lacking in your dream experience and now you will have the tools and training to work on improving those atrophic areas. Again, depending on how severe the atrophy this process can take longer for people who lack any of the above sensory qualities however the techniques and practices continue well into every other course and dream preparation.

Just like memory, the brain uses sensory replay as part of the long-term memory consolidation to store experiences and with any skill, the more you understand this process and train and develop it, the better it becomes and more natural.

Course Curriculum

Improving Dream Perception
[DPU01] Cognitive Mapping 00:00:00
[DPA01] The First Cognitive Mapping Dream Training Exercise   10, 00:00
[DPU02] Improving Dream Vision 00:00:00
[DPA02] The Second Cognitive Mapping Visual Dream Training Exercise 10, 00:00
Improve Hearing and Touch
[DPU03] Improving Dream Hearing 00:00:00
[DPA03] The Third Cognitive Mapping Audible Dream Training Exercise   10, 00:00
[DPU04] Improving Dream Touch 00:00:00
[DPA04] The Fourth Cognitive Mapping Tactile Dream Training Exercise 300, 00:00
Improve Taste and Smell
[DPU05] Improving Dream Taste 00:00:00
[DPA05] The Fifth Cognitive Mapping Taste Dream Training Exercise   10, 00:00
[DPU06] Improving Dream Smell 00:00:00
[DPA06] The Sixth Cognitive Mapping Smell Dream Training Exercise   10, 00:00
[DPU07] Full Sensory Feedback In Dreams. 00:00:00
[DPQ007] Quiz Place Holder 00:00:00
[DPA07] The Final Cognitive Mapping Full-Sensory Dream Training Exercise 10, 00:00

Course Reviews


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  1. Full Dream Perception Attained!


    I attained full feedback of all my sensors in my dream during this course. Although, it was challenging for me personally to taste foods i still managed to use other sensors, such as smelling. When one smells in a dream that sense is so enhanced you can taste it. Sensory perception is done by means of cognitive mapping of the sensors. For me, my full body sensors were electrified and i was able to carry those enhanced sensations into my waking life, this was an enormous accomplishment. My chosen source material was always present in the dream as well.
    I certainly would encourage anyone to try this course!

  2. Top notch stuff!


    I had no doubt that this course would further enhance my dreamlife. Not only while I was working through the course did it give me my best lucid dream so far, ~1 hour total control. I have also started to level up all my senses, so that I really can call my dreams a second life experience, with superpowers! I can now taste in my dreams, feel the warm sun on my skin and touch objects and get a very natural feedback from all of this. Now I just need to keep mapping out everything that I want to be part of my dreamlife. Fun stuff!

  3. Bringing forth the sences


    When performing the course modules it was clearly apparent that until now I’d been allowing my sensory perception to become dull. True in both in waking life and even more so in dreams.

    The methods presented in the course allowed me to reinstate and sharpen the sences that I allowed to go offline.

    I can now hear, smell and touch things in my dreams with a decent level of awaress. (Soon hopefully taste)

    Best thing is with the methods I’ve learned Ican continue tohone and improve the sences.

    You get what you put in.

  4. Highly recommend this course!


    Since taking this course, I’ve noticed an improvement in my dream perception. My senses are starting to come back online in my dreams beyond visual and auditory. Although I still have lots to work on, it’s been fun to see some improvement. I appreciate knowing what I can do to continue getting better. I definitely recommend this course to help build a strong dreaming foundation!

  5. Eye opening content!


    I’ve been lucid dreaming for years, but have found it difficult to maintain and build a consitant level – everything written in this course just makes so much sense and gives me now more advanced understanding on what exactly I am doing wrong – and right, and what I now need to do in order to improve and keep having more vivid and intense dreams.

  6. Fun Course, Shows What Is Possible


    I’m still in the beginning stages of aware dreaming but this course really opened my eyes on how to make my dreams as real as real life (or even better than real life). Fun reading, great assignments, really lays the foundation for what is possible! Thanks, Ian!

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