Learn how fear compounds into nightmares from waking life influences and how to resolve them through dream programming and control.

In this course, we present ways that may help resolve nightmares and recognize look at how fear is unhealthy for both our mental health, cognitive development and well-being. How fear management can be used to lower elevated fear to stop the fear-replay we know as nightmares. In addition we look at other challenges with fear, negative self-think and choice that can have an undesired consequence to the quality of our dreams and waking life. And how to monitor thoughts and feelings that may deepen into patterns of self-abuse, addiction and larger problems hopefully nipping it in the but before self-help fails and clinical assistance is needed. Dreaming isn’t a cause rather it is influenced by waking life experiences that may be linked to child-abuse, trauma, fear, grief that are replaying for resolution, but only further deepening those underlying challenges.

What this course cannot do: Resolve substance-induced nightmares. Fix deeply rooted psychological fears that may have progressed to far into psychosis. Replace a trained mental health facilitator. It can only go as far as self-help can go and doesn’t guarantee results in some cases where drugs, alcohol, addiction are replaying negative self-abuse patterns in dream replay.

What this course can do: Raise awareness about substance abuse, fear, negative thinking and how these patterns deepen into larger issues for people that may be in the early, or mild stage of systemic mental health issues before it becomes a clinical problem.

Course Curriculum

Fear, Nightmares and Sleepers Paralysis
[OFN01] Nightmares and Night Terrors FREE 00:00:00
[OFNA01] The First Overcoming Fear and Nightmare Exercise 10, 00:00
[OFN02] Sleepers Paralysis 00:00:00
[OFNA02] The Second Overcoming Fear and Nightmare Exercise 70, 00:00
False Awakening Loops and being Dream Locked
[OFN03] False Awakening Loops 00:00:00
[OFNA003] The Third Overcoming Fear and Nightmare Exercise 70, 00:00
[OFN04] Dream Locked 00:00:00
[OFNA04] The Fourth Overcoming Fear and Nightmare Exercise 10, 00:00
The Wildness of the Subconscious Mind
[OFN05] Norman Rockwell vs Norman Bates 7 days
[OFNA05] The Fifth Overcoming Fear and Nightmare Exercise 7, 00:00
[OFN006] Taming the Wildness of the Subconscious Mind 7 days
[OFNA06] Taming the Wildness of the Subconscious Mind 10, 00:00
[OFNU07] Positive Thinking, Positive Dreaming 7 days
[OFNA07] The Seventh Overcoming Fear and Nightmare Exercise 7, 00:00

Course Reviews


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  1. Faced All My Negative Psychological Inhibitors Successfully!


    In this course i learned i really had some negative psychological inhibitors to confront and i did so by replacing them with positive ones while aware in the dream. Also, noted i had some anxiety and PTSD from childhood trauma which i overcame through dreaming. Even if you do not have nightmares this course can and will benefit your dream experiences, what better way to deal with psychological issues than dealing with them in your dream state, It far outweighs heading to the doctor for treatment. I found a remarkable improvement in my waking life as well. This course is highly recommended for every person, especially considering the conditions we are facing in the world today.

  2. Another valuable course!


    Learning how to address fear is an important step in becoming a better dreamer. In this course I learned how I could transform fearful dreams or nightmares into something more fun or positive. Even better, I learned that I could identify and release fears in my daily life first, before having them show up in my dreams at all. I am much more aware of negative thoughts, fears and my general influences in the day time now and have new tools to release them in easy, healthy ways. Well done! An excellent course that empowers us toward better mental health in both waking and dreaming life.


  3. Set aside your fears


    The course had a lot of great information to help come to terms with and release some of your fears.

    I’ve not been having ghost and monster dreams of late. I have been letting some negative psychology spill over into my dreams. I’m no longer running away from these dreams which I think is a positive step.

    Completing the course modules has had me take action and that helped me align with some self help study I’ve raked through in the past.

    Progressing through this one shows you how you utilize access some positive self influence to act out within your dreams.

  4. Really helped me drop my fears around becoming aware in dreams


    I’m lucky that I don’t suffer from nightmares, but I did have some barriers that were blocking me from becoming aware in my dreams. I really feel I dropped them by taking this course because I replaced the negative thoughts with positive ones, so simple, but it works!

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