Dreaming in the Cell Shaded world of Borderlands! 2018

I go back to the note pad and start to draw on it pulling my intent to now create a vivid Borderland themed dream. I sketch out a mountain range and some details from the game. Shifting one dream content to another completely different dream style is really the art of dreaming. I was about to change the entire dream from a very stable vivid normal waking world version to the world of Borderlands 2.

How this transitions is an effect of reality morphing if there ever is such a thing. As I focus on the game style, the genre and the context of memories I have about the game the sketch I was drawing started to leak into the counter as black lines moved slowly from the notepad now outlining the till, the edges of the counters and the very texture of the counter itself changed to a cell shading.

I look up thinking in this genre now impressing it into the current dream canvas and these wonderful black ink lines grow and consume every detail, the kitchen starts to shift and the back wall opens up where I can see a sky and mountains that I recognize from the game. In the distance there is water and I add a bit of my own flare creating a giant turtle with leather straps, a saddle and saddle bags.

I turn my attention to my hands and start to shift them into cell shading, and leather gloves form around them with buckle straps along the arms. I create a sniper rifle with a scope very accurate to how they look in the game.

I look at the owner and think he would be more suited as Marcus the Gun dealer and I transform him into the character voice and all. I make the whole dream envelop this Boderlands 2 Genre down to the very cartoon coloring and artform.

This whole transformation completes and now I am fully awake and aware in a new reality based on the influences of a video game that I enjoy. Marcus is standing there and I have to influence is conversation to fit the role-play required to make the dream more authentic. I cause him to talk about his guns and the sniper rifle.

“This is a E-Tech Baddass slag rifle, you made a good choice. It will kill a lot of bad guys for you.” he tells me.

I’m still at the counter and pull the scope to my eye which produces a targeting HUD and zoom into the background. I see a Bullybog walking on the icy tundra and open fire. The gun gives off a loud energetic crackling sound with a kick back as the bolt zips and hits the target causing it to become enveloped in energy and burn into slag.

“I’ll take it.” I tell Marcus as I now swipe my visa in a terminal he had. I lift the counter top up so I can walk through the access point. I go out the back into the scenery so I can now stand in the world. It looks perfect, and I feel also very great admiring this accomplishment knowing what I just did was nothing short of miraculous.

I take this massive flying jump into the world flying towards the turtle I created off in the distance. The turtle isn’t part of the Genre but I just wanted to be badass on a bad ass turtle and use this as a mount. This thing looks absolutely awesome though, the head was armored with tech. The turtle also had two mounted heavy cannons.

The saddle was a fusion of leather and a cockpit having fighter craft style joysticks one for each hand to steer and shoot. The turtle also gave of these billows of steam as it breathed which made me see a bit of a steam-punk influence in how I designed it. It’s eyes also had a deep red glow to them. It’s beak was enhanced with razor sharp metal. Let’s face it… this turtle was badass.

I start to walk it on the terrain and needed to create some things to shoot at, when you take full control of a dream sometimes one has to keep creating the content at run-time and I visualize in my mind, what I want to create for an encounter. I really like the Rakk which is a like a flying mini dragon. I summon one from the snowy ground, the Rakk bursts through the snow covered tundra spiraling upwards and expands it’s wings. It is massive, much larger than in the game and is also white. The whole scene is very epic.

I watch as it animates and flies, more interested in the living art as it flaps it’s huge wings. I decide not to shoot it but rather admire it enjoying the quality of detail and coolness of it all.

I walk the turtle to a bandit camp and there are lore accurate bandits and Goliaths with guns who run out shooting at me. I use the cannons on the turtle and return fire, the blasts are fiery bursts, large plasma like balls streaking like a comet towards the encounter with big explosions. I rain death upon them with burst after burst watching explosion after explosion consuming them in fire. Absolutely loving every minute of it. Knowing I am mastering this art of dreaming, if not already mastered.

Full Dream: https://youaredreaming.org/2018/02/19/feb-18th-2018-todays-lucid-dream-epic-journey-art-dreaming/

When realizing dreams are an Art Form and training them to become an Entertainment System, the limits of what you can create in a dream are limited by your experiences, beliefs, and imagination. This natural ability to dream if left alone pales in comparison to what learning to actually dream can offer as fun, artistic and entertaining virtual reality simulations. Make dreaming fun and be in control.

December 19, 2019

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