Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can we really dream in video game worlds?

Absolutely. We dream based on waking life influences. Watch a horror movie, have nightmares. Play video games and dream in video games. This has been scientifically researched and validated, it is also self-evident I’d be surprised if you haven’t dreamed of a video game you love to play already. You likely don’t remember your dreams so miss out on that fun part of how the subconscious mind sorts out waking world influences. There is an art to the skill of dreaming and you do need to learn how to dream to be any good at it. Just like you have to learn how to speak, learn to play the piano, learn to draw a picture. With dreaming, is learning how to train your subconscious to dream what you want. If you want to learn this skill, you’ve come to the right place.

Why don’t I remember my dreams?

Everything with a brain that sleeps dreams. Humans have up to 4-6 dreams each night but not everyone has learned how to dream. Lacking training and knowledge with regards to how dreams work you’ve likely shut down your interest in your dreams and will need to start training yourself to dream so you can participate in those 4-6 dreams each night. It’s a skill and if you aren’t remembering it you’ve likely never learned how to do it. In rare cases, people who suffer damage to regions in the brain known to process our dreams are unlikely to be able to dream or remember dreaming. If that’s not you, and you want to learn, take our free course on improving dream recall.

Does this only work with Video Games?

Not just video games but movies, books and anything that you experience in your waking life, your subconscious mind sorts out in your dreams. All the skills you can learn on this website applies to something called Genre Specific Dreaming or Genre Specific Lucid Dreaming. Want to dream in Star Wars, then learn how to immerse in that genre with the intent to dream it. The limits on your ability to dream what you want, are self-imposed. This is a skill, so learning how to do something than just randomly letting the wildness of your subconscious mind run the dream theater is why we train for dreaming.

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