Lighting The Void – Calling all Voidwalkers!

Welcome to the most advanced Dream training program on the Internet. We are going to ressurect the dreaming dead and bring the dreaming mind out of atrophy with neuroscience, psychology and three decades of conscious dream programming using a system that is turning even the most ardent dreamer’s attention to this website.

Why? It works, it’s based on how the dreaming mind produces dream content and so far 12 students have been able to dream in their source material. Others have started to bring atrophic sensory feedback such as touch and taste to a normally audible and visual way of dreaming. We help develop the dreaming mind for people under the age of 25 and for people over, we stimulate the atrophic regions illuminating the neurons and neural pathways needed for powerful dream experiences.

You will need to register for an account. Free membership means you don’t want any reviews from your assignment submissions and are going it alone. Enroll for the monthly or yearly membership and unlock all social features, forum access and instructor feedback on your progress. The choice is yours, we don’t tell you what to .

Level Price  
Free Member Free Select
Monthly Enrollment $9.99 per Month. Select
Yearly Enrollment $99.99 now. Select

Here are the membership registrations, sign-up and return to this page to access the exclusive Lighting The Void – Fringe FM Bundle with Dream Recall, Perception, Awareness and Overcoming Fear and Nightmares. Each course is 7 days for a total of 28 days of training for only $129.99.

Portions of all sales on any courses you purchase as a lifetime member goes to supporting Joe Rupe and Lighting the Void as well as supporting this site for future expansion, courses and providing a stable community of void walkers now marching inwards to hack the matrix of the mind.

The void beckons… let your adventure begin!

See you on the inside! – Ian Wilson.

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