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Improving Dream Recall

This free course is designed to help you improve dream memory.  You must be signed in with a free or member account to use this course.

Sleep studies conclude that people on average have 4-6 dreams per night.  Dreaming takes place in all stages of sleep ranging from REM and Non-REM and is most often remembered during the REM sleep cycle.  However, many people do not remember their dreams and this is largely due to issues with changes in our neurology during sleep which causes a type of sleep induced amnesia and cognitive atrophy with regards to dream memory.

The solution to this problem is to train yourself to remember your dreams as an applied skill.  People who participate nightly in their dreams remember far more of the 4-6 dreams than those who do not.  On average most people will sleep 30% of their life and those having amnesiac sleep devoid of dream recall miss out on the types of experiences more proficient dreamers benefit from.

This course will cover tested and proven techniques to help with dream recall.  Like any skill, over time dream recall becomes easier.  Dreaming is an atrophic skill, so if you are prone to not remembering your dreams then slacking on nightly dream recall practice and diminish dream memory and it can return to an atrophic amnesiac state.

In gamer terms, if you don't use it... you lose it!

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