Exciting News: Since the Free Dream Recall course launched July 7th, 2020 there has been 70 students, much less who are progressing through and four that have finished. Congratulations Skydancer, Angie88, , Slackbutt and Tanoros for course completion! Of the 70 students, nine have been training to dream in a video game of their choice, 4 are using non-game source material. 12 have seen increased dream recall and 13 have dreamed in the influence of their source material.

2020-08-20: So much news and updates so compiled it into a video:
2020-08-13: Congratulations to Marshy for completing the Gauntlet, succeeding in some source material replay, and also seeing improvements in dream recall, memory, and some nice control.
2020-08-07: Congratulations to Angie88 for being the first student to complete the Awareness Training Course. She successfully has achieved full awareness, developed dream stability, and has had some wonderful exciting dreams as a result of the progress through this course. Great work Angie you are excelling in every challenge that you take. Thank-you Marshy for being the first person to purchase the 4-pack Course Bundle, may it help sharpen your skills as a Dream Artist! This is our one month anniversary since the courses went live on July 7th, 2020! Celebration time!
2020-08-03: Lot’s of bug fixes and improvements for Mobile. We have a new challenger who is training “Little Nightmares” and had success on their first day. Love those first-time success stories.
2020-07-31: Sorry for the delayed updates, lots of work behind the scenes, and of course my career is busy at the moment. Wrote a nice Reddit post though on the progress spanning the first 3 weeks since course launch:
2020-07-27: Congratulations Angie88 for being the first student to complete the Perception training course and to think on day 1 her wildness of the subconscious mind dream submission was the thing of horrors to now being like Neo in the Matrix level dream control in just 14 days, a feat that took me 2 years fumbling in the dark. Great progress, great game simulations, masterful control of senses and the Art. Skydancer is on the second to last Course and now feeling more consistently in her dreams bringing that sense back online after many many years of atrophy. Great job Skydancer! We just created the 7-Day Challenge to help promote healthy dreaming and fun for everyone!
2020-07-26: Angie with another great success in the olfactory training smelling coffee that smelt better than in waking life, this unique quality of dream perception that produces what we call BTL or Better-than-life experiences. But we train for that in our courses and she’s killing it!
2020-07-24: Congrats Skydancer on having taste in a dream, another wonderful breakthrough. And Angie88 is on FIRE! So a whole video to commemorate her sensory success with dreaming. Course two is miraculous! Congrats on Tanoros for completing Course One and moving on to Course two, can’t wait to see what unfolds.
2020-07-23: Congratulations Skydancer who is taking the second course on Perception and was able to bring the sense of touch out of atrophy and was able to feel in her dreams. What a great success!
Three students are starting to participate in the Perception training to bring sensory perception out of atrophy and Congratulations Angie88 who used Kate Bush song ”Running up that hill” for her source material and successfully heard the song in her dream! Tune that dream to rock out in is so fun!

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