8-Pack Course Bundle

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Save big with bundles!  The 8-Pack bundle offers the largest savings with 8 foundational 7 day courses for optimal dream training.



If purchasing this 8-pack bundle, please register as a student before purchasing as your customer account will not assign the courses automatically which can delay setup.  Just use this link to register.  Courses are self-serve unless you want instructor feedback in which case a monthly enrollment is recommended.  Here is the student registration page: Student Registration

If you remember less than one dream a week, can’t taste, touch, smell, see and hear in your dreams and are not able to be self-aware, in control and create the types of dreams you want to experience then all of the above links to stunted dream development.  Dreaming is the produce of information processing in the brain and requires neural pathways and neurons to produce the dream experience.  People who opt out of dreaming do not gain stimulation causing the brain to atrophy with the dream experience.  This atrophy causes our ability to remember, have full-sensory feedback and awareness to degrade.  This cognitive decline becomes so severe that some people never dream again.  This 8-Course program is not just about learning to program your dreams, but addresses cognitive development with the dreaming mind and uses stimulation exercises to help address atrophy through training.  Through stimulation training you can start to remember the 3-5 dreams your mind produces every night, smell, taste, touch and other sensory-feedback will improve and if you want to be self-aware simulation training does amazingly well for helping you become more consistent at lucid dreaming.  Not only do we make dreaming fun and entertaining, but we focus on result-orientated exercises for optimized and optimal dream experiences.

Start your dream training today!

This course pack includes:

  • Improving Dream Memory and Recall
  • Improve Dream Perception
  • Improve Dream Awareness
  • Overcoming Fear and Nightmares
  • Core Dreaming Techniques
  • Overcoming Limitations in Dreams
  • Extending Time in Dreams
  • Changing the Dream Avatar

* Monthly Enrollment not included.


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