[CDA] Changing your Dream Avatar




Many people experience different avatars during dreams, much of which comes within the wildness of our subconsciousness.  Like all dream programming, the dream avatar is also in our domain to control and shape if we desire it.  From a role-playing perspective this can allow you to dress yourself in armor and role-play a knight, or test out different fashion, or even take on the characteristics of your game avatar.  You can go deep into avatar development once you realize it too is just another simulation within the dream, and your ability to shift your awareness into other dream characters or even objects is not that hard, but often overlooked within the canopy of the dream experience.

We cover everything from just becoming a character in a story, to a game avatar, to cultural dreaming, to gender swapping, to zoomorphism and even stepping out of the influence of the dream avatar to just be you as self-awareness in third-person mode.  The avatar is often just a representation of what we know as our waking self but when we enter a dream it naturally adapts to the dream narrative so we can find ourselves already dressed in clothing.  Through intent and shaping the avatar in our SRC we can accessorize it with guns, armor limited again to your own imagination.

Not every potential perspective offered is required but learning that the avatar in a dream is just part of the dream simulation and that you can control and influence does open a lot of new utility for deeper more immersive dream role-play.  Stick with what you want to achieve with your avatar training and branch out from there.


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