Dreaming For Gamers Starter 4-Pack Bundle

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Time to bring that dreaming mind back online with 4-weeks of advanced dream training that addresses neurological dream development and dream psychology and teaches how to actively program and control your dreams.  Great for artists, writers, musicians and anyone wanting to use their dreams for creativity or for people who just want to have fun dreams!

We are currently giving away this bundle for free with a limited use coupon code: FREEBUNDLE that we’ve extended to remain free until March 31st, 2020 or 10,000 coupons are used.  If you are using that coupon please allow up to 24 hours for the order to be confirmed and completed.  If the coupon no longer works that means the limited use has been reached or the time-limit expired or I’ve removed the offer.

Includes the following 7-day courses listed in order of completion towards the next:

  • 1st Course:   Improving Dream Memory and Dream Recall.
  • 2nd Course: Improve Dream Perception.
  • 3rd Course:  Improving Dream Awareness.
  • 4th  Course: Overcoming Fear and Nightmares.

Pick a source-material that you want to train in.  A video game, movie, tv show or even a walk in a park.  These courses teach how to actively influence dream content for interactive dream-replay of your source material.  33 people so far have had success in just the first course.  As dreaming is also a developmental skill, many people suffer from stunted dream development where dream recall is not developed and declining with age.  By the age of 60 many people lose their ability to recall their dreams by as much as 99.98%.  Just like going to the gym, we can bring that back with dream participation and as long as the stunted dream development isn’t too severe (no dream recall in years) it snaps back within a week for most people with a little training.

Dreams should be five-senses in replay, this also become stunted and for many taste/smell even touch can go offline.  The second course deals with stimulation training for sensory-replay and several people have been able to bring full five-sensory replay out of atrophy to enjoy much more realistic and sensory-rich dreaming.

Self-Awareness with dreams also suffers from stunted dream development and the next course deals with correcting cognitive decline with awareness and addresses stimulation training to bring awareness back out of atrophy.

The final course helps with resolving nightmares, negative psychological inhibitors and other psychological impasses we can have that diminish our ability to dream.  Everyone has 3-5 dreams each night, some birds dream, and every mammal dreams.  A major reason is dreams play an important role in our long-term memory consolidation through episodic, semantic, spatial and sensory replay.  Through dream training we can dream anything limited by skill, neurological dream development and our own imagination.

We use source-material to work with how the mind uses dreaming as part of our long-term memory consolidation.  Like any good artist, working with reference helps produce better artwork.  You’ll find working with references like source-material for active dreaming also helps to paint some amazing dream experiences.  Having an interactive dream-replay of your source-material in that rich 3d interactive dream realism is a lot of fun.  Find out what a little dream training can do for this atrophy prone skill.

Here is the community discord channel so if you use discord you can check out what other students are doing with their dream training.

These are the 4 mandatory required courses for all students before all other courses are available.

4 courses for only $129.99 save $70.


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