Dreaming For Gamers Starter 4-Pack Bundle

$200.00 $129.99

Dreaming For Gamers Starter Pack for beginner and advanced dreamers.



Improving Dream Memory and Dream Recall.
Improving Dream Awareness.
Improve Dream Perception.
Overcoming Fear and Nightmares.

This starter pack offers the foundational skills to advance quickly to mastering the Dreaming Arts. Each course is one week long with seven days to be completed at your own pace. The course progresses through all the major regions of the dreaming mind to promote cognitive development for people under the age of 25, and cognitive rehabilitation to address atrophy regions of the dreaming mind due to lack of stimulation, training and participation. How to manage nightmares, fear and negative thoughts, psychological inhibitors blocking dream participation.

We work with a Sensory Replication Model to avoid more difficult techniques that can cause sleepers paralysis, false awakening loops and being dream locked. Fine for more advanced dreamers who are orientated in this experience but can be intimidating to beginner or novice dreamers who are not yet orientated in dream programming and dream control.

These are the 4 mandatory required courses for all students before all other courses are available.

4 courses for only $129.99 save $70.


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