2021-12-15: DibbleDabbleDaybreak has completed the Perception training and has had lots of growth and improvements in their dream development. Here is what they had to share upon course completion:

I focused on my senses all day, and last night I tried to build the world to my genre by using my senses to focus on. Last night though, I didn’t get much sleep again and felt really tired, but I think the pre-sleep process was really amazing. When focusing in on my senses, it was amazing how my senses played out. I was in a restaurant from my source material, and I could hear people walking and talking, vaguely see the world, greatly smell not just my food but the other food going on. Not just that, but it felt like I could kind of taste my food too while holding it. My mind was blown and I realized how much my training progressed, and how this is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of practice. I’m currently still trying to remember my dream again and while I’m not sure if my pre-sleep process transferred over, I think I was at least close because of how the process was. It was a very interesting experience.

2020-08-17: Slackbutt is now in the perception training and had a very amazing 1-hour long stable lucid dream with vivid sensory feedback of the sun saying it was like being on Vacation. I always say, dreaming should be a vacation destination for those who train the skill properly.

I’m mindblown, I did a WBTB with the intention to dream in my source material and ended up with a lucid dream that must have been at least 1 hour long. 100% control over all my actions, I could manipulate weather, dream characters and all sort of things.

Super stable also. I was amazed that all these people that were living there didn’t know that this was just a dream and I just played around with everything haha. Wow It wasn’t in my source material, I was in Greece I think , that was my intention in the dream at least. I’ve trained the feeling of sun on my skin maybe 3-4 times. And in this dream it really felt like the real deal 🙂

2020-08-04: Slackbutt trained in “The Outer Worlds” and managed to nail his source material, and achieve lucidity, and even though there were stability issues, he nailed his source material having a blast in the process. Literally!

Hell yeah 😀 this wbtb did it for me! Got lucid and I had great memory with me, so the first thing on my mind was the source material I played yesterday. But everything was super unstable , no matter what stabilization technique I did. It was a real balance act. Well, I yelled out to the dream that I’m now teleporting to “The outer worlds”, I float up in the air and starting to spin around, there even was some “loading the game” sounds and music haha.

Open my eyes and I am in this game now, all the right graphics and everything. That was badass 😀 took a shot with the gun, but everything was still very unstable, so I bounced back into my room pretty fast. My vision struggled the most this time.

2020-07-24: Angie on day 11 during the Tactile Sensory Perception Training is now able to program the dream, wake up and return to the programmed dream or source material.

I used this game with a simulation as my source material – EN ALTERA QUE VEHAT ARGO  https://argoigdp.itch.io/argonauts-portal and even though i didn’t have experience in the game it was a great tool to recontract a simulation and apply cognitive mapping to all the sensors. In this way you can turn the light right up and create more colors, hell you can feel the colors in your body. I created sound and relaxed by the waters edge.

The dogs barked and woke me up and i re-entered the simulation. The sun was super bright and my body felt like an exposive device or sensors. I stayed in there as long as i could hold the dream. With an experience such as this you become the programmer of the dream instead of leaving your dreaming up to the wild nature of your subconscious. What a wonderful experience.

Thank you Ian.

2020-07-27: Angie88’s 14 day progress and the last day of the Perception course shared with her permission.

I added some extra effort into programming my own simulation game and i wanted to go surfing as i know surfing will give a full sensory feedback in the dream. I created mechanical waves but my imagination got a little carried away by my own creation and i was observing my thoughts very carefully, knowing full well that my thoughts are creating the simulation. I realized i had created a little Mine Craft game world of my own which was directly in alignment with my will. If only i could share my creation, words do not seems to be sufficiently hold the experience in its entirety. I did touch and smell the water but i disliked the taste, i was too busy gazing at the magnificence of my new world. 🙂

2020-07-20: Skydancer was an audible/visual dreamer for 30 years and this is what she has to say after 1 week of perception training to bring perception out of atrophy. She is training Star Wars at the moment and had a nice Yoda at Yoda’s Hut Dream, as well as one with Han Solo post-course.

The perception course was so much fun! I was able to turn on my senses of taste and touch after just a few days in the course. Now in my dreams I am able to actually have much more tactile ability than I previously had and am starting to eat and taste food. In doing the assignments of daytime sensory programming, I have become even more aware of subtle sensations in my waking life now too, double win! This course has simple instructions with great results. Ian is a great teacher!

2020-07-29: Tanoros started only remembering one dream a week. He is training natural beauty for his source material invoking some wonderful real-world interactive dream replays. Some of the nicest dream submissions to read, it’s like he’s the Bob Ross of dreaming! – Update: I stand corrected I guess he’s catching on to some fun and trained X-Men and had an awesome X-Men influenced dream in his submission – Great Job Tanoros!

I’ve completed the first two perception training courses thus far that focus on recalling more visual detail. Last night I was able to see clear, wavy water. It was in a bowl with sliced bananas (weird I know). Just the day prior I was at a river and taking in the full detail of the water and how it moves. One of the great benefits of this course, is learning to appreciate the finer details in waking life. For me personally, it causes me to stop, slow down, and really see whats in front of me, in a way I don’t normally do. It’s almost like I’m seeing the surrounding area for the first time, in it’s true beauty. 

Ian, the teacher of the course is amazing! He has a great energy to him and he is very helpful. Any feedback you share will be well received, and you will hear back from him. I highly recommend this course for those who are looking to take the next step in dream perception.

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