The Techniques of Video Game Dreaming

There are two types of dreamers. Those that participate and develop skills to dream better and those who do not. The ones who treat dreaming like a skill do so because once you can control your dreams, its like living a second life where the limits of what you dream are your own self-imposed ones. The ones who do not simply gain nothing when they sleep.

There are a lot of click-bait dream sites and youtube channels claiming you can lucid dream in 3 easy steps, or master this art overnight. Sadly, these claims are quite just as disingenuous as claiming you can learn the piano in one day, or a new language in three easy steps, or go to the gym once and become shredded. Like any skill, proper dreaming takes time to learn. It is a process that over time progresses into the end result that most gain from learning any skill and that is a mastery over something you enjoy.

Dreaming is an atrophic skill, so if you don’t use it, you lose it. Much like going to the gym and then stopping you will find that your muscles will start to atrophy and you will go back to being out of shape. The same applies to dreaming for most people (yes there are some who naturally dream and even naturally lucid dream, those are on the other side of the bell curve) however most people are not so fortunate and I was one of the unlucky ones who had to learn to dream just as I had to learn to program software, do illustrations and every other hard earned skill that required discipline, attention, routine and practice.

What fueled my passion for dreaming stems from an intrinsic desire I had as a child who loved cartoons, movies and games. When watching a movie that I loved, I wanted to do more than just see a flat 2D screen and wished that I could project myself into the TV and actually be in that movie. I wanted to interact with the characters that I loved and talk with them or even become them. Sadly back in 1979 when I first watched Star Wars as a 7 year old, all I could do was watch the movie. Years went by and finally I had a VCR and owned the trilogy which I watched over and over again still having that wish to be in the Star Wars universe.

Then one night something miraculous happened I would find myself in the Star Wars Universe flying an X-Wing fighter blowing up the Deathstar and fighting Darth Vader as Luke Skywalker with a light saber. I would wake up amazed and spellbound at how real it all felt. Unknown to me at the time how waking world influences shaped the content of my dreams, I thought that something magical happened and my dreams gave me something I longed for as a child. A way to enter into a Genre that I loved and experience it in the rich realism that dreaming offers. It was my first Star Wars dreams, and more followed that was the spark that ignited my passion for dreaming.

In 1983 I started playing pen-and-paper Dungeons and Dragons basic edition with my friends and over time started to notice that too somehow influenced the content of my dreams. So much so, that I started treating my dreams like a gaming system where as I fell asleep I would start to visualize the world of Dungeons and Dragons and narrate like a GM the game content, this interaction with the emerging dream was the first time I naturally learned that my dreams were not just being influenced by external experience, but also my intention and thoughts.

At that time, video games and graphics were still very primitive. Movies had only practical effects and claymation but my dreams were becoming Virtual Reality on Steroids. In 1986, I would read an Omni Magazine article on something called Lucid Dreaming by Dr. Stephen LaBerge entitled, “Power Trips: Controlling your dreams” where he described how some people trained themselves to be lucid or conscious during a dream and that they could control the dream content. Well sign me up! Within 48 hours of reading that article I triggered my first lucid dream and it was beyond anything I could ever wish for. It was when dreaming suddenly went full Matrix and next level. 32 years later, I lucid dream nearly every night and have trained for dreaming every day regardless of how busy or stressful my waking life is because when I sleep, it is like having my own Hollywood production studio with endless adventures and fun.

Where I differ from most people who teach dreams, is in how I treat dreaming like an Art Form and an Entertainment System. For me, dreaming isn’t about the wildness of my subconscious rather it is all about creating what ever I desire. It’s my love for video games and movies that lead to my article entitled, “Genre Specific Lucid Dreaming” and this website to offer this unique perspective on how to dream for fun and entertainment., I’ve helped many people achieve this goal because dreams when treated like a skill and harnessed by your imagination ultimately become your own private virtual reality simulator, and better than anything we have even today with regards to graphical realism. I mean, you can train all of your senses so you can taste, smell, feel, see and hear as vividly in the dream as you can in your waking life.

I also support the idea of BTL or Better-than-life dreaming as more often than not the dream state ends up being superior than what we experience here. There are no concequences, no limits and best of all, regardless of participaction or not everyone has 4-6 dreams each night except the majority of people throw this baby our with the bathwater and adopt a very poor attitude with regards to their dreams. Sad really, life is too short and this is the only other place where we can also have vivid, high-fidelity realistic experiences and become fully conscious and self-aware if we train for it. So why waste it?

Here are a series of videos that will cover the basics of dreaming from the ground up. Sure they are not polished but I commute 3 hours a day, work up to 10 hours at my career and have very little time to throw out click bait garbage that won’t give you the results they claim. I am the real deal. Even seasoned lucid dreamers have considered what I offer to be some of the best material on dream training. I’m also recognized by some members of the International Association for the Study of Dreams as a pioneer in the field of lucid dreaming. 10 years worth of conscious flight-time is no small feat in this art. Here it all is for free, the price of admission is watching a few videos and starting your own training.

Cognitive Atrophy

This video covers cognitive atrophy caused by not participating in our 4-6 dreams each night and how to start training ourselves to correct these deficiencies.

Psychological Inhibitors

In addition to cognitive atrophy, we develop psychological inhibitors such as beliefs regarding our dreams, fears, our attitude towards our own dreams which can shut down the dreaming process. Part of the required house-cleaning to become proficient at the Art of Dreaming.

Taming the Wildness of the Subconscious Mind

This video covers waking life influences and their impact on our dreams. Why some people only have nightmares and others who have fun, adventurous dreams.

Cognitive Mapping

The key to gaining waking life influences as experience so we can draw on that experience to paint our dreams with those experiences. In our case, how to draw on Genres such as video games, virtual reality and movies as experiences for our subconscious mind to use as paint for our dreams.


How to start to program yourself to dream and what to dream.

The Stages of Dreaming

This covers the shift into hypnagogic states if we use the WILD technique and what to expect.

Genre Specific Lucid Dreaming

The first video that covers the technique of Genre Specific Lucid Dreaming or GSLD for those who want to spice their dream life up with real world video game, books, or movie genres.

Genre Specific Lucid Dreaming Challenge

A call out to all the people in the peanut gallery wishing they could do this, to actually try something new and do it. It’s not that hard once you know how.

Dreaming for Gamers

A video discussing dreaming for gamers which has become the inspiration for this website.

How I train for GSLD and Video Game dreaming.

An example of dream training for video game influences to shape dream content.

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